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How sweet is the "Daisy-Mobile" ?


Regardez comme est mignonne cette voiture de Daisy?


Gente, olha que fofa a propaganda de "Daisy"???




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Tarliza 20/06/2011 19:47

Soooo adorable!! Marc has a great marketing team! I remember cabs in London covered with his advertising and they would take you to his shops for free! (Paid by the brand). It looks so sweet and is
also great advertising!

Timetochange 21/06/2011 19:09

Seriously!? How clever!

Nelle 20/06/2011 11:58

C'est chez moi !

Daniela 19/06/2011 22:33

Que graça!!!!

federica 19/06/2011 10:12

Ah,that's so sweet!!!Really a bijou!!!
Happy Sunday!

Shin 18/06/2011 23:31

It's probably the cutest car I've seen! I love small cars and the little decorations are so sweet! xoxoxoo