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It is long but worthy- It is really interesting at 4:19!



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Un carnet sans pages 31/05/2011 19:34

Je connaissais - on l'a vue en cours de publicité - très bien faite cette vidéo !

The working girl 28/05/2011 06:44

Nao tinha noçao desses pergigos no meu dia-a-dia!!

Tarliza 27/05/2011 21:56

This video is simply amazing! I never knew (because of course its not of their interest for us to know) these things. It is super valid to share these kind of information, 'cos those cosmetics are
in our every day lives and we have absolutely no clue of how bad they can be for our health. Thanks for sharing!

Shin 27/05/2011 06:14

Wow, this is the coolest video about cosmetics that I've seen! Awesome! xoxoxoo

Shelby 27/05/2011 03:46

thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!!! this video IS very interesting. very cool, thanks for sharing