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  • Illustrators I love: Irma

    24 juin 2011

    I got in touch with Irma's work during the time I lived in Zurich. She was a columnist for German's Glamour. And I must admit... It was one of my main motivations to learn the "Awful German Language" ( Mark Twain) She has already worked for Elle Japon,...

  • Mini-Eclairs for Monaco

    01 juillet 2011

    Those mini-elcairs will be served to the residents of Monaco after "le mariage". How sweet is that? Olha que fofo o eclair de morango e baunilha que sera servido aos residentes de Monaco depois do casorio???? Ce mini- éclairs Fauchon sera servi aux résidents...

  • Organic Perfumes

    12 juillet 2011

    Love Coco- Honoré de Pres It's possible to find some good organic cosmetics but what about organic perfumes???? I've been testing them for the last 6 months and so far they are never as good as the real thing. Sometimes the content in alcohol is amazingly...

  • I am back!

    25 juillet 2011

    The last two months were really difficult. I was feeling so unwell... Luckily everything is good now! So we are back to the normal activities. Les deux derniers mois ont été vraiment difficile. Je me sentais si mal ... Heureusement, tout est bon maintenant!...

  • Sting - Symphonicity

    26 juillet 2011

    Last Friday we received some tickets for Sting's concert in Poupet (France). All "classics" are accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic and the result was ... FANTASTIC! And Sting...Well... How can I put it on words??? We all should sign for Yoga classes!!...

  • Bright Star

    29 juillet 2011

    This movie is so cute! It has fashion and a beautiful love story (between romantic poet John Keats and his muse Fanny Browne) And the photography is one of the most beautifull I've ever seen! Perfect ! Ce film est tellement mignon ! Il parle de la mode...

  • Vitamin C

    27 juillet 2011

    Why should you add Vitamin C to your skin care routine? It's absorbed through the skin (so we know it will work) It's an important antioxidant It increases collagen production (apart from all the evidence shown in vitro there's a recent study in vivo...

  • Style Icon : Lee Radziwill

    03 août 2011

    I know everybody loves Jackie. But her sister Lee is my favorite Bouvier. Today's 'it' girls are nothing compared to her… Who else can marry a European prince (while pregnant in the 1959) - Yes she’s is real princess! … And rock a Gucci (like a catwalk...

  • Must See

    26 mai 2011 ( #Health )

    It is long but worthy- It is really interesting at 4:19!

  • At Nice

    18 juin 2011 ( #Fashion )

    How sweet is the "Daisy-Mobile" ? Regardez comme est mignonne cette voiture de Daisy? Gente, olha que fofa a propaganda de "Daisy"???

  • Something Old/Something new

    28 mai 2011

    Studded McQueen's ballerinas and vintage Céline dress that belonged to my belle-mamam! Sapatilhas Mcqueen e vestido Céline vintage, que era da minha sogra!

  • Sweet

    05 juin 2011

    Like the Three Musketeers Les Trois Mousquetaires Adoro como eles parecem se entender tão bem. Como "os três mosqueteiros" Update: The awesome people from What Kate wore have all the fashion insights. Click ici pour les détails fashion Para saber o que...

  • How to apply a concealer?

    22 juin 2011

    Check what Karla Sugar found out ! I loved it! Quer saber como aplicar seu corretivo? Karla Sugar descrobriu que tem que "seguir" a linha abaixo... Vous voulez savoir comment appliquer votre "concealer" plus efficacement ? Karla Sugar a trouvé que vous...

  • Delicious

    02 novembre 2011

    By Ollie & Nic

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